Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Flames of Demise

I'm not sure where the following story came from. There is this fascination I have with personifying the Grim Reaper and writing fantasy stories about him and his encounters with various characters, some end good, some end bad. I don't consider myself depressed or anything, I just have a vivid imagination and I do love fantasy, sometimes on the morbid side.

This story is slightly r-rated, it contains some adult language. Although it's not a lot of it, if that is something that offends you, I suggest you skip this particular piece :-)

Thank you.

Flames of Demise

It was the day she went to the lake. Naturally it was a cloudy day. An odd shade of blue was painted across the sky and a bright spotlight shone through its canvas, causing little beams of light to slash through the dark layer. The intense dabs of light shining through the moody clouds created a mysterious and depressing atmosphere. A total eclipse would have been brighter. The lake had adapted its body of water to the sky, imitating its shades and colors. Light waves danced across the surface as the breeze gently brushed across the water. It never seemed to get tired.

Her mind drifted back to the first time she had seen him. The first time she had wanted him. The first time she had wanted him to want her.
Casually he had entered the bar as if swept in by a wind gust. His overwhelming presence had filled the room, which all of a sudden felt tiny. When his onyx eyes crossed paths with her gaze, she drew a quick breath and sent him a quivering smile.
A look of surprise flew across his attractive face when she acknowledged him, and with a short nod in her direction, he continued pacing through the place, obviously searching for someone else. Although he disappeared out of sight, he never left her mind.
The next thing she knew, she heard his his deep voice ordering a Jim on the rocks from the bartender and she could sense his presence with every nerve in her body.

“Hello.” It was as if she was lost in a trance and she heard her own smoky voice work its way up her throat, exerting the single word of greeting.
Slowly he turned his head, acknowledging her only with a short nod and an unfriendly greeting. His blunt rudeness became him. Nervously she started a conversation with him, which turned out to be nothing but a monologue of unanswered questions.
“Do you dance?” she asked him timidly.
God he was so good-looking. She let her eyes wander along his body, up to his thick obsidian-colored hair, which was gathered in an elegant ponytail, reaching him far below his broad shoulder blades. Handsomely dressed in black from top to toe, raging about 6’8 from the floor, he had to be the tallest man she had ever seen.

“Yes.” His reply was unexpected and caught her off guard and she realized that he had finally surrendered to her persistency.
They merged together on the dance floor. She embraced his upper arms with her fingers and felt his strong muscles bulging underneath his elegant, black jacket. His arms tightened around her waist, pulling her close while he gracefully whirled her across the dance floor. The fabric in his jacket caressed her warm cheek while she pressed her groin ever so subtly against his crotch, and she noticed a light yet flattering movement underneath his black slacks.
“Please don’t make me want you.” His whisper against her ear had been brief and quiet.
She wasn’t sure if he had said anything at all. His sorrowful gaze was pitch-black, forcing her to reflect on his few spoken words. She stayed in his arms until the song ended, then he gently escorted her back to her seat, grabbed his Jim on the rocks and left her side.

Longingly she followed his every move while he held another woman in his arms. As she observed the woman’s lips, passionately embraced and wrapped up with his, she felt a sting of jealousy, a sting which only grew more intense when he took the woman by the hand and guided her into the ladies’ room. As he was about to close the door behind them, he turned around and looked at her across the room while slowly shaking his head, clearly mouthing the five words, “Don’t make me want you.”
She leaned her head back, trying to tame the tall flames that were eagerly licking at her inner flesh, realizing that only he who had ignited these flames could extinguish them.

An overwhelming desire and a longing for him overshadowed all her inhibitions as she left her barstool and walked across the floor to interfere with his little rendezvous in the ladies’ room. A sharp odor met her in the doorway and she nearly tripped over a stiff woman lying on the floor, her cold eyes were staring straight up into the ceiling and traces of dried up blood trailed from her nostrils and the corner of her mouth. The man of mystery was nowhere to be seen.

“Oh fuck!”

The sight of the dead woman had made her utter the F word, and she slapped her hand across her own lips before covering the corpse with her jacked. Whimpering, she ran back outside to retrieve help before anyone else stumbled across the body. However, the news about the dead woman in the bathroom traveled fast, transforming the cozy and up till now mellow bar into a dungeon of chaos.

“I told her to stop snorting that shit,” a cold voice sneered next to her.
She understood it was an acquaintance of the deceased and promptly she made a selfish inquiry about the man that the woman had been dancing with before her encounter with death. The stranger next to her shrugged and gave her a puzzled look.
“You need to stop snorting that shit too miss,” the voice stated.


A roaring fire had been sparked that night and she was seeking to have it extinguished. She sighed and picked up a rock, then tossed it in the lake. Her eyes followed the perfect circles that were quickly multiplying, spreading from the core of where her rock had landed. She wondered if the rings ever stopped or if they just kept drifting forever.

After the incident in the bar, her expectations to see him again were extremely low alas she kept her hopes high. The glowing furnace in her stomach was a constant reminder of their brief encounter. Never during her 23-year-old lifespan had she ever desired someone so intensely. Only his smooth, cool hand could suffocate the flames he had torched within her.

Then one night, as she was sitting in a local cafeteria, eating her dinner, and she almost choked on her hamburger when his big, tall figure placed itself on the chair across the table from her. He looked at her with disappointment in his eyes.

“You want me.”

She started denying it but he stopped her lies before they left her tongue.

“Don’t play with me.”
His sentences were short and to the point.
“Do you want to know how I know you want me?”
She nodded in response to his question, but he shook his head. “I can’t tell you yet.”

Her hazel eyes were drawn to his black gaze and she reached out for him, trying to pull him closer. She desperately wanted to taste him. His mouth was hovering over hers, not even an inch away, and she could feel hot bursts of air against her lips for every word he spoke.
“Don’t do it baby.”
He seemed to need all his strength to pull away from her, and all of a sudden she felt cold and even lonelier than before.
“Did you kill that woman?” The question escaped her before she could squelch it.
He shook his head.
“You let her have you,” she commented, blushing slightly as the jealous undertone in her voice had to be obvious.
He nodded and reached out for her, gently playing with her long, black hair, twirling it around his strong fingers before he let his hand run across her pale face, down her cheekbones and across her neck, where he stopped and pulled away.
“Strangle your desires. You’re much too young for me.”
Then, as quickly as he had appeared at her table, he was gone.

She asked the waitress if she could identify the man that had accompanied her just a minute ago.
“No ma’am,” the waitress replied hesitantly, looking slightly amused at the inquiry. Suddenly the food tasted like cardboard and she had become strangely aware of the fact that she was eating alone. As she left the coffee shop she heard the waitresses’ giggling behind her back.
“They’re just jealous,” she muttered. “Because he doesn’t want them. He wants me…”


With a sigh she removed her shoes and buried her toes in the sand.
Despite the cold air, the sand was still warm from the sunrays that had been baking it all day.
She shuddered as the wind carried a drop from the lake in to shore, splashing it gently on to her naked feet. Carefree she leaned back in the sand, just looking at the waves as they were dancing around, playfully bobbing up and down, and occasionally a loud splash would break the silence when a hungry trout jumped up to catch his dinner on the water surface.

“You don’t listen well, do you?”
She was studying her grocery list, making sure she didn’t forget something, when his quiet whisper interrupted her. The sight of him fueled the flame inside her and suddenly she found herself fighting back her tears.
“I need you,” she whispered and he shook his head.
“No you don’t. Please don’t say that,” he begged and pulled her close.
His warm embrace soothed her soul and provided comfort. She wanted to stay in his arms forever.
“You’re making it hard for me to stay away,” he mumbled and buried his face in her soft hair.
Her restless fingers caressed his strong body and she felt his big hands exploring her curves. Then, as if he caught himself doing something illegal, he pushed her away with a frustrated sigh.
“Darling,” he said breathily. “You shouldn’t enjoy my touch like this. I shouldn’t be lusting after you. Be strong and walk away from me.” He left her shivering and sobbing and she left the store without asking anyone who he was, as well as abandoning her basket of groceries. Food seemed redundant all of a sudden.


She didn’t know what she had expected, but she certainly hadn’t expected to see him standing in her apartment, casually and natural, as if he belonged there. She didn’t mind. He seemed distraught.
“How did you get in?” she asked him.
“You let me in.” His frustrated tone of voice told her that he was about to crack and suddenly she felt better than she had in years. “This is my last plea and final warning. I can’t resist much longer.”
He grabbed her by the arms and shook her violently. Her head was bouncing around on her shoulders like a bobble head doll. She didn’t stop him. At least he was touching her, a touch she had longed for since the very second she laid eyes on him.
“I want you,” she mumbled. Her head was spinning and he stopped shaking her. “I really want you.”
Big sobs shook her petite body as she reached out for him.
“Please don’t,” he whispered and closed his eyes, wobbling like a crumbling fortress.
“Don’t you want me?” Her thick voice was barely audible and she stared at him until he looked at her again. She stared deeply into his eyes, looking for answers.
“No,” he sighed, but his gaze told a different tale.
She had pushed him over the edge. “You want me!”
Her whisper was one of triumph, whereas his following confession was one of defeat and despair;
“Yes. Of course I want you.”
He embraced her and she sighed happily. “Kiss me.”
He drew a quivering breath and surrendered at last, lowering his face and hungrily engulfing her sweet mouth while his tongue slithered in between her lips. Her mouth was an inferno as he embraced her tongue with his, swirling it around under the rooftop of her mouth, and his breathy groans exuded a mixture of pain and passion. Her soft body clung to his, taunting him with her feminine delights as they sprung alive under her thin summer dress and his throbbing manhood cringed in protest as he tore himself away from her.

“I am only visible to those whose desire for me is stronger than life itself.”

He sighed and kissed her warmly on the forehead. Her consciousness faded, leaving her in a daze. A warm fuzzy feeling worked its way through her torso, lulling her to sleep, but her desire for more breathed life back into her. She rose again the next morning, desperately lusting for his touch.


The dark sky above her contracted and squeezed out a drop of moisture which landed on her cold cheek, merging with a warm tear that was working its way down from the corner of her eye to her chin. Just minutes ago, the lake had provided comfort and relaxation to her exhausted soul, but now it seemed threatening and alluring. She curled up into a fetal position, wrapping her arms around her knees while rocking back and forth, trying to create enough friction to provide heat for her shivering carcass.

She closed her eyes. A few more drops drizzled from above, but since they didn’t seem to bother her much, they left her alone. Someone was staring at her and with a seductive smile she opened her brown eyes to accept his advances.
He was standing out there, in the middle of the lake. He appeared to be glowing under a grim reflection from above and a spine-chilling atmosphere had wrapped itself around them. With a deep, satisfied sigh she walked towards him. The cold water that was seeping in through her clothes didn’t bother her. Her fiery blood kept her warm. All she could feel was her desire to be with him, and he was standing there, welcoming her into his open embrace.
A wind gust lifted his big coat and it was flapping behind him like a black sail. At that moment he resembled royalty.

By now the water reached up to her chin and she kept walking, even though her feet couldn’t touch the bottom any longer. She just kept walking with her eyes glued to his handsome silhouette, and like a powerful magnet, he was pulling her out towards him. Finally she reached him and he took her breath away. With a last shivering gasp she landed in his arms. His tongue wrapped around hers, teasing it and tasting it while he guided her home, leisurely spiraling downwards through the water at a peaceful pace. He stripped her of her soaking wet dress and she felt his wet mouth on her puckered nipples. She struggled for a moment to get his clothes off, but finally they were both naked.

For a second it occurred to her that she was buck naked in freezing water, yet she wasn’t cold.
On the contrary, everywhere he touched her he lit a new fire and she could almost hear the cool water sizzling as it cradled her blazing body.
“Welcome baby,” he groaned as his big iron rod slid into her dripping melting pot.
She captured his lips with hers and he was bucking against her, eagerly molding her narrow cunt to his widened cock. Lusty groans of passion emerged from the depths of her lungs as he fucked her while they were spiraling faster and faster down towards the base of the lake. Her breath came in loud, short gasps as he let her experience what she had desired since day one; a long, nice, earth shattering release. He plunged into her one last time and with a loud scream he fired thick, hot streams of burning lava into her core. Her pleasure-ridden body was trembling fiercely as he filled her up with his boiling essence, and he surprised her when he kept pumping her, even after he was spent. By now they were whirling around so fast, she could no longer recognize her surroundings. They were bucking and riding each other all the way down, and as they reached bottom, he started pulsing again.
She expected his hot lava to fill her up once more, thus the freezing ice water that he launched into her womb made her scream. It kept shooting from his groin, seeping up through her veins, stifling every flame in her smoldering carcass until she finally reached the bottom of the lake with a soft thump.
“Baby.” He smiled down as she lay on the bottom of the lake.
Her cheeks were turning blue and her teeth were shattering between her dark lips from the freezing temperature that now possessed her body.
“I hope it was worth it.”
She couldn’t see him anymore, but she felt a last ice-cold kiss on her lips and she smiled.
“Yes,” she mumbled with the last of her strength. “I finally got what I wanted. I’m happy now.”

His big black eyes were sad as they watched the young woman drift away. As always, it was depressing when they sought him out voluntarily.
“Feared by most, loved by a handful,” he sighed.
Nevertheless, by the time the sun had erased the dark clouds above and the lake had settled once more, with rejuvenated soul he abandoned his latest desire to fetch another.

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