Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tattoo Journey - Part 5 - a photo is on its way!

Ok, so my dad dug through some photos and sent me a few, but unfortunately they didn't have the cat I was thinking of for my tattoo. The photos he sent brought a lot of memories back however, and I was tempted to settle for one of the cats I saw on there.... (of course I know and remember them all fondly :-)).
BUT ... I didn't want to do that, unless we absolute can't find a photo of the right cat.

My mom emailed me this weekend and said she had found a couple of photos of Gurimalla. (Reference my earlier tattoo posts for info on this cat...). So granted that these photos show her face well & are of the right cat, I suppose that means that part of the battle has been won :-)

So we'll see.... I'll keep everyone updated on the progress, once some is made... (Mom is coming for a visit in April and I will probably have those photos we'll see.... :))

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Bliss said...

Ooooh I hope it's the right cat! I love when my parents send me old pictures to sort through. I have boxes full that I need to get in an album.