Wednesday, February 18, 2009


As you can see, my last 7 posts are dated 2/18/09… It didn’t always use to be that way.
Also, as you can see, there are no posts dated prior to this date... Again, it didn’t always use to be that way.

I mean, can’t you even get a popup that says something like “Are you sure you want to delete ALL (I repeat…ALL!!) your posts?” before they’re gone for real? I’m really frustrated right now.

I went to delete a label. A freakin’, stupid, insignificant to most, label.
And oh boy did I do a thorough job.

I clicked “check all” posts because I was removing this label from all my posts, and then I clicked “delete”, thinking it would delete the label. Wrong! Well, actually, that was correct…the label IS indeed gone…. Along with every blog I ever posted.

Luckily, my “Back” button still worked and the cache still showed my last 7 posts or so, so I was able to copy those over into a word document and repost them all. However, this blog used to be a lot longer than 7 posts :(

I’m so mad at myself right now and very frustrated, but what can I do. They’re all lost & gone forever. All I can do is create new ones and never touch that delete button ever again.
If I stick a stupid label on something, then by George, it gets to stay there!!!

No more lip gloss for today.


Ororina said...

So terrible irritating!

But you know about the function where you can change time and date on your posts? It doesn't help, but then it doesn't seem like you posted everything at the same time ;)

Kevin Littleton said...

Wow that really sucks! You should contact Blogger and see if they can do anything to help you. :)

Laila said...

Yeah, I kind of looked around to see if there was a way to recover deleted posts but at this time it doesn't look like that's an option:( Now I just have to accept my fate & try to stop thinking about the blogs I wrote once upon a time & start writing new ones :D

Keep on trucking! :)

Bliss said...

What a drag! Maybe you can look at this as a fresh start.