Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Lip Gloss Kind of Day .....

It was a bittersweet experience to wake up today, much due to the absence of rain pounding against my window.

I love the sound of rain. It’s a cozy sound. It reminds me of all the things I love about rain.I cherish the trail of cool kisses it leaves across my skin. I love how it completely justifies a need to be lazy because we can say:
“Oh well, it’s raining outside, I guess I can’t go for a jog or work in the garden when it rains…I may as well put on a good movie & stay in bed”. (We should take time to do this anyway by the way, even without the rain telling us to do so…)
I love plowing through big puddles of water with my truck, sending the water rocketing into the air like a huge tidal wave washing over my car, and I love how fresh and clean the air is after being cleansed by the rain.

What I hate about the sound of rain pounding on my window is first of all the fact that I have to leave my bed when all I want to do is roll over and pull the covers up to my ears and sleep some more. Secondly, I hate traffic on rainy days. If I wake up and I hear rain, I know that traffic is without a doubt going to be terrible because some people refuse to believe that wet asphalt can be dangerous.

I also have a dog. I know that when it rains, we have two options. She’ll either go outside to do her business in the rain, which means coming back inside with muddy paws and soaked fur, not to mention that muggy scent of wet dog which has the power to override the scent of any air freshener. Alternatively she won’t go outside in the rain at all. Instead she will save up all her urine until she can save it no more and let it go all over my kitchen floors. Either way, the end result is the same: Floor mopping!


My mixed feelings about the absence of rain quickly vanished once I walked outside and opened the garage door. A beautiful shade of blue graced the sky and there was a healthy chill in the air. A refreshing chill in fact, the kind that nips at your skin and wakes up the senses. I rolled down the windows on my truck because I wanted to feel the fresh breeze blowing through as I drove down the street. Once I reach the freeway however, open windows at XX mph (and by that, I am naturally referring to a nice & legal speed of 65mph…) is no picnic, so that’s where the fresh air ends. Literally. The air is no longer fresh once you reach the freeway.By that time however, I was nice and awake and in a great mood, so in lieu of open windows, I cranked up my Motley Crue CD & thoroughly kick started my heart for the day ahead (pun intended, for any Motley Crue fans that comes across this…).

I arrived at work, nice and refreshed, and my cheerful mood even prompted me to put on some lip gloss before I walked in the door. I rarely wear makeup, so it was indeed a rare occasion.

I’m eating my lunch at my desk today because I have a date with a vampire who I intend to spend my entire lunch hour with, outside in the sunshine. There’s a chill in the air and most California natives are not going to be sitting outside, so it’ll be nice, quiet & peaceful. Just me, my vampire, the blue skies above and an occasional hummingbird fluttering about, seeking nectar from the trees. I know I will truly appreciate my hour of tranquility in the midst of something that has so far proven to be a busy workday and perhaps it will inspire another layer of lip gloss.

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