Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New blog

I started another blog, specifically about big rigs.

Odd? Perhaps. But that’s me.

So if I’m not here… I’m probably over there :-)


Connie said...

Hi Laila! Thank you for commenting my poems :)

I have become a follower of your blog, please follow mine, here are the links:

I am following yours, please follow mine

Blog itself:

Facebook Blog:

Ororina said...

Denne bloggen er ikke død nei? Savner nye innlegg! Og du kan da skrive om svære doninger her også vel?

Laila said...

Connie: Thanks for following, now that I've sorted out my blogs, both in my head and online, I'll post more fiction here as I go.

I really like your poems, they're very heartfelt & I look forward to reading new ones.

Ororina: I'll still be posting here, I just had to take a step back & see how I wanted to organize my blogs! I think I'll keep the rigs in a blog of their own still .... it's a clean break!

I'll be posting my fiction & thoughts here, and all my big rig blabber over there -----> hehe